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IoT – the Next Generation

  • 4 Feb 2016

The next evolution of the Internet lies in the Internet of Things (IoT).  Generally, IoT is a giant network of “things”.  Specifically, IoT is a network of one or more physical objects (or “things”) embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.  With the advance of IoT comes a number of issues relating to the legal world.

Please join us as we learn more about the latest technological implications of IoT including what devices and new technology have been created in this space.  We will also learn about the legal landscape of IoT from a privacy, data security and intellectual property point of view.  We are joined by Paul Barter, Managing Partner at Paul Barter & Associates and Lyndsay Wasser, Co-Chair of Privacy & Data Protection at McMillian LLP.

Paul Barter is an adjunct professor of technology strategy in the MBA program of the York University Schulich School of business, a venture services advisor at MaRS and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre.  He’s passionate about disruption, innovation and entrepreneurship and focusses on the intersection of technology, business and society in our rapidly changing world.  Paul speaks regular at industry and policy conferences and is a contributor to a number of publications including the Globe and Mail and Huffington Post Canada. In 2016, Paul is initiating a research project on how the Internet of things will be the next big wave in innovation and is completing his first book entitled ‘The Uber of Everything’ where he describes how sectors such as healthcare, government, energy, financial services and manufacturing are about to be transformed by information and communication technologies.  Paul studied Engineering and Economics at the undergraduate level and then earned an MBA from Kellogg Schulich, which tends to make him think of most things in competitive strategy terms.  Additional background on Paul can be found at PaulBarter.com.

Lyndsay Wasser is the Co-Chair of McMillan LLP’s Privacy & Data Protection Group and Co-Chair of the Cybersecurity Group.  Lyndsay is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Canada. She regularly advises and assists clients on a broad range of privacy issues, including advising on access requests, privacy breaches, workplace privacy issues (e.g., background checks, computer/video/phone monitoring, GPS tracking, drug and alcohol testing), handling personal health information, and transferring personal information across borders, as well as helping organizations to develop privacy compliance programs, privacy and social media policies, data sharing agreements and consent forms. Lyndsay regularly writes and speaks on privacy-related topics, and is the co-author of Privacy in the Workplace, 3rd ed. and the Privacy chapter in the Ultimate Corporate Counsel Guide.

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