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IP Enforcement in China

  • 2 Feb 2017

The TIPG is pleased to host Daniel Jiang, who will explain the practicalities of litigating patent and intellectual property infringement in China.  Topics to be discussed include:

1) The fairness of Chinese courts in matters involving foreign entities.

2) Recent cases tried by the Beijing IP Court relating to damages also including legal fees and preliminary evidence preservation—e.g. injunctions.

3) New judicial interpretations by China’s Supreme Court on preliminary evidence and innocent infringers.

Daniel is the youngest partner in China Sinda (one of the largest law firms specializing in the practice of intellectual property laws in China). Since 2014 he has moved from patent prosecution, where he worked for 8 years, to IP litigation. Utilizing his expertise in telecommunications and computer applications, Daniel provides intellectual property services including: patent protection strategy consultation; application drafting; and patent analysis.

He is experienced in dealing with complex IP matters encompassing patent, trademark and copyright, from prosecution to enforcement, and providing clients with comprehensive protection strategies.  He is also familiar with US, Japanese, and European patent practices.

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