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Copyright Board Modernization

  • 21 Mar 2019

In April 2019, amendments to the Copyright Act will come into force that will modernize the legislative framework of the Copyright Board of Canada – an independent administrative tribunal tasked primarily with setting tariffs for the use of copyrighted content that is collectively managed. A key goal of these reforms is to improve the longstanding issue of delays in the decision-making processes of this important Canadian institution.

Please join us as Daniel Whalen provides an overview of the Copyright Board and the forthcoming changes to its legislative framework, as well as what those changes mean for Canadian stakeholders and consumers. He will also share his fresh insights into the Canadian legislative amendment process.

Daniel is a senior policy analyst with the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of the Government of Canada. In this capacity, he has played a leadership role in the development of the legislative reforms to the Copyright Board, among many other duties – including serving as a lead committee delegate for Canada at the World Intellectual Property Organization and contributing to the development and implementation of multiple international trade agreements. A lawyer by training, Daniel previously worked as an associate with Smart & Biggar, where he served clients in the firm’s litigation practice.

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