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How Emerging Technologies are Enhancing Your IP Practice

  • 4 Mar 2020

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie Curcio J.D. and Ian Schick J.D. PhD who will speak to us on “How AI and Emerging Technologies are Changing Your IP Practice.” 
Stephanie will discuss topics relating to prior art searching; specifically, how Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies can be applied to the practice of patent law.  Ian will discuss topics relating to patent preparation and prosecution in the new era (IP Practice 3.0).  Specifically, Ian will present on the growing necessity to leverage technology and restructure operations in order to remain competitive. 
Stephanie Curcio is the COO and co-founder of Legalicity, makers of NLPatent – a state-of-the-art AI patent search & analysis tool.  She is active in the patent and technology communities through her association with a number of organizations and has presented on the intersection between AI and patent law at conferences across North America. Stephanie has a leadership position within the American Intellectual Property Association (AIPLA) where she serves as Co-Chair of the AI subcommittee and works closely with the Emerging Technologies Committee.  Before joining Legalicity, she worked at two leading Canadian law firms as an IP lawyer.
Ian C. Schick, PhD, Esq, is a patent attorney by training having spent 10 years in private practice, primarily at the Pillsbury firm.  Since leaving practice 3 years ago, Ian has dedicated himself to improving patent practice as well as the practice experience for patent professionals.  Ian is co-founder and CEO of Specifio, a technology company developing AI-based technology to assist in patent preparation by automating substantial portions of the drafting project.  Ian is also founder and CEO of the recently-launched Draft Builders, a services company providing outsourced preparation of patent applications and office action responses using the latest in patent-focused technologies and a vetted network of US-based patent practitioners.  Ian is active in the patent community through thought leadership and trade associations like AIPLA.  Ian is vice-chair of AIPLA's Emerging Technologies Committee working very closely with the AI subcommittee and Practice Innovation subcommittee.  Ian is a Fellow at Stanford Law School's CodeX Center for Legal Informatics where he directs research on machine-generated legal documents.

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